Workshop on Machine Learning

About our Workshop

  • Workshops will be beneficial for students and working professitionals
  • The workshop gives an insight on Machine learning topics at its best.
  • Hands-on Practical session along with Theory sessions step by step.

* Registration fee: 1000 Rs *

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  • The duration of this workshop will be three weekends (6) days, 2-hour each totally 9 sessions.
  • Date and time will be informed to subscribers through mail and WhatsApp

Course Material

  • Comprehensive course material (E-Book) will be provided to participants.
  • Certification of Attended.


  • Years’ of Experience in Machine learning domain.
  • Has successfully completed 100’s of workshops and projects.
  • Experienced in managing product development


  • Should have laptop with 64bit operating system.
  • Internet connectivity and little knowledge in programing.

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Python IDLE and Jupyter Notebook
  • Libraries in Python for Numerical Analysis and Visualization
  • Usage of Sklearn library in ML, Types of ML - Supervised vs Unsupervised
  • Linear Regression using Sklearn, Dividing into train and test, Plotting the best fit line
  • KNN for Binomial Category, Normalization and Scaling, Confusion Matrix
  • What are Support Vectors?, Gamma and Regularization
  • Unsupervised Learning Algorithms, Clustering forms, Elbow Method
  • Capstone Project on Classification problem using the real-world Dataset
  • Model Deployment with Flask

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